We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cloud Connect, coupling
the easily cloud-management of Pulse with the power and reliability of SDC.  Cloud Connect
provides a seamless portal for all your packages.
Get Familiar With SDC

What is Cloud Connect?

Simply put, Cloud Connect is just like Pulse; in fact, it's its successor

Cloud Connect is for sharing software profiles, configurations, and projects with your team and your customers – only now you can do that from anywhere. It's easy to use, just sign-in with social media and get going in the cloud with fancy drag-n-drop functionality. Unlike Pulse, configuring your packages does not require installation of a Pulse Explorer equivalent.

It's easy to get started!

Cloud Connect makes it simple to move over

Cloud Connect has the option to drag a plug-in into ANY Eclipse, not just Pulse managed ones, and easily and seamlessly move the configuration up to the cloud.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Drag your Eclipse
  2. Tweak out your Package
  3. Share with your Team

Unlike Pulse, you can now seamless switch across major versions of Eclipse, even downgrade.  No more issues rebuilding your Eclipse each year!

Get to know SDC

Easy access from anywhere – 
Plain and simple

Use the cloud to your advantage by sharing your development tools, versions, configurations, projects from any machine at any location. Developers asked for this level of access, and now it’s available in Cloud Connect. If you need more power – check out SDC – that baby is for software delivery and open source management. Learn how CERN uses SDC.

Harness SDC Private Cloud

If you are ready to go beyond SDC Cloud Connect, and take advantage of third-party and proprietary software not in our catalog, come on over to Private Cloud. It is immediately available for download, and lets you manage all your software behind the firewall!

Team Edition customers

Choose Cloud Connect or Private Cloud as fits best

Paying Team Edition customers will be able to request an extension beyond the November 15th deadline for transitioning or choose to move up to Cloud Connect now, or even go behind the firewall with SDC Private Cloud.